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Choosing the Best Builder for your Renovation

Hiring a professional builder is an important decision when it comes to renovating a property. A good builder can ensure that your project is completed on time, within budget, and to a high standard. However, finding the right builder can be a daunting task. Local Expert builders are highly sought after as they are police checked, skilled and trustworthy with […]

How to Create a Productive Home Office

Are you joining the work-from-home revolution? More and more people are choosing to ditch the commute and set up shop in the spare room. But how do you create a productive home office from scratch? Keep reading to find out. Choose Your Hues While your home office space is empty, now is the best time […]

Why You Need a Local Expert Cleaner This Winter

Winter house cleaning can be a real challenge. So, to keep your family happy and healthy, here’s why you need a Local Expert cleaner this winter. A deep and thorough winter clean Have you given your home a proper, in-depth clean recently? No? You should! Heavy heater use in winter can blow debris throughout your […]

How to Win More Work as a Tradie in Australia

Did you know that tradies account for around 30% of the Australian workforce? That’s a lot of steel-capped boots, fluro shirts, and hardworking hands. And for trade business owners, that’s a lot of competition. So, if you’re a trade business owner looking to beat the competition, here are a few tips to win more work in the Australian […]

When to DIY and When to Hire an Expert

These days, a heap of resources online make DIY jobs seem a little too easy. So, it can be tempting to save a buck on labour and do it yourself. However, the key to a successful and budget-friendly project, is to know when to DIY, and when to hire a trusted expert. Knowledge The first step to determining […]

Why an Online Presence is Important for Your Trade Business

As a trade business owner, you’ve probably heard the term ‘online presence’. But what actually is an online presence? And why does it matter for your trade business? Keep reading to learn more about why digital media is essential for you as a service provider. What is an Online Presence? To get technical, an ‘online presence’ is the existence […]

Benefits of Owning Your Own Trade Business

Are you considering starting your own trade business? Working for yourself as a service provider in Australia can be very rewarding. But it can be even more rewarding with the help of a trusted, established Australian brand. Want to know more? Here are some benefits of owning your own trade business, and how Local Expert can help you reach […]

Do you need Trade Work Fast?

Local Expert can help! Working as a tradie can be very rewarding, but trade work isn’t always stable. Sadly, some tradies might find themselves without work suddenly, not knowing when the next payment will come in. If you’re a tradie looking for work, or trying to grow your business, Local Expert can help. Our fast onboarding, trusted […]

Our Partnership with Responsible Trades Australia

Supporting our Local Experts Local Expert has proudly partnered with Responsible Trades Australia (RTA). RTA is an association that acts as a voice for small businesses. The RTA also establishes standards of work and ethics for service providers. Together, Local Expert and RTA have created an easier way for customers to feel safe and confident when […]

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