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Why an Online Presence is Important for Your Trade Business

As a trade business owner, you’ve probably heard the term ‘online presence’. But what actually is an online presence? And why does it matter for your trade business? Keep reading to learn more about why digital media is essential for you as a service provider.

What is an Online Presence?

To get technical, an ‘online presence’ is the existence of your business in digital media, accessible through searching. An online presence is likely to look different for each business. But generally, to be present online, your business might be visible on multiple platforms. These could include; a website, social media, appearing in articles, and more.

To be truly present online, you should actively update your website and social media accounts. You should also be active on multiple platforms, to capture the most attention. Also, keep in mind that your business could already be online without you knowing. Reviews, online directories, and discourse on social media about your business all count. And these can all have a negative or positive effect on your business.

Why is it so Important?

Before marketing and promotion went digital, customers might have searched for a tradie in the local paper. But these days, over 95% of people do most of their searching for services online. So, an online presence is essential for any trade business. Without appearing in searches, customers won’t find your business. And of course, customers not finding your business equals less leads.

Plus, presenting your business online helps you build a rapport with your customers. Through your business’ social media and website, customers learn more about who you are and what you value. If your values and presentation align with what they’re looking for, they’re more likely to engage your business. However, it’s worth noting that your online presence should be carefully curated. It’s easy enough to create an online presence. But without careful attention, you could be sending the wrong messages to your customers.

Your Online Presence Sorted

So, we’ve shown that your trade business needs a carefully curated online presence. But how to achieve social media success without a degree in marketing? Here’s how.

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