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Why You Need a Local Expert Cleaner This Winter

Winter house cleaning can be a real challenge. So, to keep your family happy and healthy, here’s why you need a Local Expert cleaner this winter.

A deep and thorough winter clean

Have you given your home a proper, in-depth clean recently? No? You should!

Heavy heater use in winter can blow debris throughout your home, coating every surface in microscopic dust particles. If left unchecked, lingering dust can lead to itchy eyes, a persistent runny nose, and even respiratory issues.

But you don’t have time to deep clean your entire house every weekend. So, have a Local Expert cleaner do the hard yards instead!

A Local Expert cleaner will power through all your winter dirt and grime in no time. Muddy carpet? No problem. Caked-on lasagne remnants in your oven? Easy-peasy. But even more importantly, professional cleaners are so thorough they’ll banish the dust and dirt you can’t see, too!

A happy, healthy and clean home

There’s no doubt about it, cold and flu season is officially here! So, now’s the time to ask yourself—is your home safe from winter nasties?

Studies show that germs can survive on surfaces in your home for up to 12 hours! If you’re not taking extra care with your cleaning and using the right products, you and your family could easily catch a winter bug.

But, if you hire a Local Expert cleaner, you’ll rest easy knowing your family is safe. Our Local Expert cleaners know the ins and outs of disinfecting, sanitising, and germ-proofing your home. And if there are any nasties hanging about, they’ll be gone in no time.

Less time cleaning, more time for yourself

What would you rather do this weekend—curl up in front of the TV with a hot cup of tea, or scrub your messy, muddy bathroom? If your idea of fun is a scourer and some disinfectant, more power to you! But for the rest of us, cleaning is at the bottom of the ‘fun’ list. So, take back some time for yourself, and spend less energy keeping house. Let a Local Expert cleaner do the hard work for you, and sit back with a good book, a warm blanket, and a hot cuppa. Easy.

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