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Working as a tradie can be very rewarding, but trade work isn’t always stable. Sadly, some tradies might find themselves without work suddenly, not knowing when the next payment will come in.

If you’re a tradie looking for work, or trying to grow your business, Local Expert can help. Our fast onboarding, trusted reputation and flexible finance options can give your business the boost it needs, while keeping the leads coming.

Start Work in as Little as 24 Hours

Here at Local Expert, we know that more time spent waiting to be onboarded means less time on the tools. That’s why our streamlined onboarding system can get you started in as little as 24 hours.

For business owners, it’s easy—simply visit our website and apply now. We’ll be in touch ASAP to gather all the required info, and you’ll be a Local Expert as soon as the next business day. If you’re starting your own business to become a Local Expert, submit an application. We’ll walk you through the rest, and our fast onboarding system will get you started in no time. So, if you need work now, apply to become a Local Expert tradie.

Join a Well-Established Brand

Only a business with a great reputation and great visibility can keep the leads rolling in. Without a reputation as a high-quality tradie, customers may not trust your business with their job. And without a prominent presence online, customers may not find you. So, how do you nail your reputation and visibility to find work fast?

When you become a Local Expert, you’ll keep your business, but will benefit from our well-established reputation. Customers know they can trust their Local Expert tradie, so customers will feel confident trusting you with their job when you associate your business with our brand. Plus, we handle all the marketing, so we’ve got visibility sorted.

Flexible Finance

For your trade business to be its best, you need the right equipment. But when jobs are down, how can you afford the new tools you need? Well, we have a solution. Local Expert is proudly partnered with Snaffle for Business, the finance and leasing experts. So, whether it’s start-up costs or equipment upgrades keeping you down, we can help you make the most of your trade business.

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