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Our Partnership with Responsible Trades Australia

Supporting our Local Experts

Local Expert has proudly partnered with Responsible Trades Australia (RTA). RTA is an association that acts as a voice for small businesses. The RTA also establishes standards of work and ethics for service providers. Together, Local Expert and RTA have created an easier way for customers to feel safe and confident when hiring a service provider. Meanwhile, service providers who become a Local Expert and a member of RTA, will have access to a range of supports to help them better their business.

Customer Confidence

To be eligible to join RTA, a service provider must commit to a range of service standards. An accredited member will be insured, certified if required, and have undergone a police check. Also, a member must have evidence of high-quality work completed in their field.

With more service providers trading every day, any business needs an edge on the competition. Because of the RTA’s high standards for members, customers feel confident knowing our Local Expert service providers are among the best at what they do. And the extra customer confidence afforded by RTA further cements our Local Experts as the go-to service providers in Australia.

Ongoing Support

Here at Local Expert, we’re dedicated to supporting our service providers as best we can. That’s why our partnership with RTA is a no-brainer.

By becoming a member of RTA, our Local Experts gain a strong voice to shape the future of their industry. As RTA members, our Local Experts are also encouraged to undertake ongoing professional development. By staying informed about best practices and trends through RTA, Local Experts will always be one step ahead. RTA also helps members access valuable training programs, and through expert training, our service providers are empowered to maintain a high level of expertise.

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