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How to Create a Productive Home Office

Are you joining the work-from-home revolution? More and more people are choosing to ditch the commute and set up shop in the spare room. But how do you create a productive home office from scratch? Keep reading to find out.

Choose Your Hues

While your home office space is empty, now is the best time to pick your wall colour. Can’t I just go with white? Well, you can, but there are other options to consider too! Purple is a little out-there, but it is said to promote curiosity while presenting sophistication. On the other hand, orange promotes energy and excitement. However, if you’re not particularly motivated at the best of times, try to stay away from blues and greens. Blue-green shades promote relaxation—not motivation. Need more colour advice? We can help!

Get Lit

Now you’re going to need some quality lighting for your home office. Bright, fluorescent lights—as well as lighting that’s too low, can lead to headaches and eye strain. The best option is natural lighting (from a large window), but if that’s not possible, opt for a cool-toned, diffused, overhead light (between 300 and 500 lumens is best). If you want to get really fancy, choose a fitting that can receive a smart bulb. Smart bulbs can be adjusted to change brightness, tone, and colour. So, if you’re winding up the workday after dark, you can change tones from blue to orange, to promote a restful night of sleep.

The Right Equipment

You have lighting and wall colour locked in, so it’s time to pick a desk! The type of desk you choose will depend on the space available. If you have a heap of room, choose an ergonomic sit-stand desk. If you have less room, try a built-in bench desk. Built-in desks are great for nooks as well as dedicated rooms and can add a modern touch to any home office. You’ll want to make sure your built-in desk is secure though (for your laptop’s sake), so it’s best to call in expert reinforcements for this one.

Hide it Away

You can’t have a home office without storage! If your home office is lacking in the storage department, your supplies will double as clutter, and clutter is not good for productivity. So, some high-volume storage with a door/facing is a must. Also, for knick-knacks you do want on display, try some floating shelves—they’re small space friendly, and will match perfectly with your built-in desk.

Go Natural

Last but not least, you should add some greenery to your home office. Why? Because natural elements (such as indoor plants), decrease stress and increase productivity. For best results, pop a plant or two on your desk, or within eyesight. And, if you think you can cheap out and get a fake plant—think again! Studies show that fake plants don’t offer the same benefits as real ones.

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