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How to Win More Work as a Tradie in Australia

Did you know that tradies account for around 30% of the Australian workforce? That’s a lot of steel-capped boots, fluro shirts, and hardworking hands. And for trade business owners, that’s a lot of competition. So, if you’re a trade business owner looking to beat the competition, here are a few tips to win more work in the Australian trade industry

Maximise Your Efficiency

It can be tempting to take on more work than you can handle. But accepting leads when you don’t have the time or resources can seriously hurt you in the long run. Picture bad customer reviews, long waiting times, and bad word of mouth—not ideal. To win more work (in the long run), you’ll need to maximise your business’ efficiency.

Most tradies agree that paperwork and admin take up a huge chunk of time that could be better spent elsewhere. To begin maximising your capacity to accept leads, make sure to streamline your admindairy management, and quoting. To achieve this, you could hire an admin assistant, or join an innovative platform—like Local Expert.

Get the Word Out

To win more work, your business will need to stand out. And because tradies make up a large portion of the Australian workforce, it’s safe to say you have a lot of businesses to compete against.

To truly stand out, you’ll need a carefully-curated online presence, coupled with clever marketing. Here at Local Expert, we create local area marketing campaigns for our Local Experts, while they benefit from our online presence and great reputation as expert service providers. Unfortunately, few businesses can have true success without effective marketing. So, if you truly want to get ahead, you’ll need to get your marketing sorted ASAP!

The Right Tools for the Job

There’s nothing worse than rejecting a job because you don’t have the right tools and equipment. To make the most of every lead, make sure you’re always well-equipped. Can’t afford new tools? From a drop saw to a new Ute, our Local Expert Finance can get you sorted.

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