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The many uses of the ANZAC Day Rosemary

There are many plants that not only symbolise the ANZAC spirit, but are living history, brought back by returning veterans from the battle fields. These plants invoke both visual and sensory reminders of the sacrifices those before us have made. The History of the ANZAC Rosemary In 1915 a wounded digger brought back with him a small rosemary bush from […]

Season Guide to Watering Your Garden

Are your plants feeling parched and wilted during the scorching summer days? Just like you, your plants experience thirst and require hydration to grow effectively and ward off pests and diseases. But how much water should you give your garden? It’s a tricky question that is influenced by various environmental factors, such as weather, time of year, […]

5 Reasons You Need to Build a Deck

There’s nothing more quintessentially Australian than a BBQ on a Sunday arvo, with the whole family, on a brand-new timber deck. But the benefits of building a deck go far beyond a few perfectly cooked lamb chops under the beating Aussie sun. 1. Outdoor Entertaining We enjoy some truly amazing weather here in Australia. So, it’s […]

Buffalo Turf Winter Maintenance Tips

Buffalo turf has been a popular choice in Australia for yonks. And for good reason—Buffalo turf is hardy, long-lasting, and stays green for most of the year. But, to get the most out of your Buffalo turf this winter, you’ll need to keep your mind on the maintenance; here’s how. Do Regularly Aerate In the months […]

Common Garden Plants That Are Toxic to Pets

We love our pets and our plants, but some common garden greenery could cause a whole heap of harm to your beloved furry friend. So, here are a few plants to remove to keep your pets safe and sound. Philodendron There are many species of philodendron commonly found in Australian backyards. But perhaps the most common […]

Garden Pest Profile: Slugs and Snails

Have you ever accidentally stomped on a snail, or squished a slug? If you love your garden, you’ll be glad you did. These slippery, slimy gastropods are some of the most destructive garden pests around. About Slugs and Snails Snails and slugs are chomping, chewing pests—meaning they feed on your plant’s foliage, leaving nothing but decimation […]

Tips to Get the Best Price for Your Home

Whether you’re selling to upgrade or to downsize, you want to get the best price for your house. Here are a few expert tips to help you do just that. Don’t Be That House Preparing your home for sale 101—start with a fresh coat of paint. It might seem obvious, but really… fresh paint can seriously add value to your […]

How to Protect Your Plants from Frost Damage

Are you struggling to keep your cool when it comes to winter frosts? Sudden frosts are a nightmare for any gardener, causing blackened foliage, wilting leaves, and in some cases… plant death! Luckily, there are a few quick things you can do to protect your precious plants from the icy weather. How Does Frost Damage Plants? Frosts occur […]

Winter-Friendly Flowers for the Australian Climate

You don’t have to wait until spring has sprung to add some colour to your garden! Here are a few winter-friendly flowering plants for each Australian climate zone. Geranium You really can’t go past a geranium for some impactful winter florals. They come in a range of colours, including red, pink, and purple, producing bold, cluster-like […]

Trellis Types for Climbing Plants

No garden is complete without a terrific trellis (or two!). So, here’s some trellis inspo to take your garden from vacant to vertical. What is a Trellis? A trellis is a structure—often made of timber, wire, or bamboo, specifically positioned to support climbing plants. Different types of plants require different types of trellises. Some plants climb using […]

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