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5 Reasons You Need to Build a Deck

There’s nothing more quintessentially Australian than a BBQ on a Sunday arvo, with the whole family, on a brand-new timber deck. But the benefits of building a deck go far beyond a few perfectly cooked lamb chops under the beating Aussie sun.

1. Outdoor Entertaining

We enjoy some truly amazing weather here in Australia. So, it’s no wonder we love to entertain in the great outdoors. But, mushy, wet, uneven, or dried-out grass can quickly turn a relaxing backyard BBQ into an itchy, uncomfortable ordeal. The solution? Build a deck of course!

With a deck, you can entertain in comfort year-round. Want to use your space in winter? Invest in a deck with a roof and clear blinds to keep in the heat. More of a summer person? Keep your deck open and enjoy the cool breeze. Either way, with a purpose-built deck, you can enjoy the Australian climate without the discomfort.

2. More Instore

Is your shed bursting at the seams? An elevated deck can easily provide some much-needed storage space. Simply enclose the space below your deck, add a door for easy access, and you’ve got a functioning storage room for all your extra bits and bobs. Easy.

3. Beat the Weeds

We all love a lush backyard, but most of us don’t love the maintenance that comes with it. Spending your whole weekend on your hands and knees, pulling weeds and planting perennials? No thanks. Luckily when you build a deck, some of that weed-filled space will be taken away. While ‘losing’ part of your backyard might seem daunting—it’s actually an opportunity. You gain a new deck, and spend less time tending to the rest of your yard.

4. Increases Value

Okay, now this is a big one. Experts say that installing a deck will often bring a 100% return, adding hundreds of thousands of dollars to the value of your home. So, not only is a deck great for quality of life, a deck can also be great for your bank account when it comes time to sell. Plus, knowing how much we Aussies love our outdoor spaces, a decked-out home is likely to entice buyers more than a home with a simple backyard.

5. Instant Gratification (Almost)

If you’re like most people, you probably find it hard to get the ball rolling when it comes to home renos. Renovations take a whole heap of planning, organising, and waiting, all before you can enjoy the fruits of your labour. However, building a deck is usually relatively simple, requires less planning, and can often be completed within a shorter timeframe. So, if you’re the impatient type, a deck could give you that ‘renovated home’ feeling, without the extra waiting.

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