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Winter-Friendly Flowers for the Australian Climate

You don’t have to wait until spring has sprung to add some colour to your garden! Here are a few winter-friendly flowering plants for each Australian climate zone.


You really can’t go past a geranium for some impactful winter florals. They come in a range of colours, including red, pink, and purple, producing bold, cluster-like flowers. Great in pots or garden beds, geraniums prefer a reasonably sunny position. But, geranium can also handle the winter weather, even in colder climates.


This collectible plant flowers mid-winter in most areas, donning a spectacular display of pink, red, white, or apricot. Clivias originated in South Africa, and are very hardy, faring well in almost every part of Australia—but beware of frosts if you’re in VIC or TAS! For best results, plant your clivia in a shaded garden bed, and water sparingly during winter.


Got to love a flowering Aussie native! Grevillea flower mostly from winter to spring, but push out the occasional flower year-round. Their alien-like flowers range from a subtle yellow or fiery red, to a bold pinkish-purple, and are especially popular with the birds and the bees. Best of all, an established grevillea will need very little maintenance, and can survive with minimal watering and TLC.


Zinnia flowers are daisy-like, with geometric petals and a bulbous head. They grow very well in most Australian climates and will continue to flower well into winter in some warmer regions. Grow multiple varieties of zinnia in a single garden bed for a floral display that’s guaranteed to impress.


Pansies are a must-have for any Australian garden in winter. They love colder weather, come in a huge variety of colours and styles, and are compact enough for baskets, pots, or garden beds. For most parts of Australia, almost any variety of pansy will do. But for the colder parts (VIC and TAS, I’m looking at you!), be sure to pick up some winter pansies. They’re frost resistant, and actually thrive in icy weather.


Almost exclusively available in vibrant golds, oranges, reds, and creams, marigolds are the perfect plant to warm up your winter garden. Those living in mediterranean or dry inland climate zones will be lucky enough to see marigolds flower throughout winter. However, other climate zones may only get a week or two of florals at best. For best results, keep marigolds moist but not wet and give them plenty of space, and they’ll produce scores of long-lasting flowers.

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