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Trellis Types for Climbing Plants

No garden is complete without a terrific trellis (or two!). So, here’s some trellis inspo to take your garden from vacant to vertical.

What is a Trellis?

A trellis is a structure—often made of timber, wire, or bamboo, specifically positioned to support climbing plants.

Different types of plants require different types of trellises. Some plants climb using tendrils, adhesive pads, or stem roots. Others scramble or twine their way around a supporting structure. So, when planning your garden layout, be sure to match each plant to the proper trellis.

2. More Instore

Is your shed bursting at the seams? An elevated deck can easily provide some much-needed storage space. Simply enclose the space below your deck, add a door for easy access, and you’ve got a functioning storage room for all your extra bits and bobs. Easy.

The Basic Arch Trellis

Classic, timeless, unassuming. A basic arch trellis will easily complement any garden, and can easily support almost any climbing greenery. These look particularly fantastic sporting vines of jasmine or climbing roses… wedding, anyone?

Suitable for: vines, vegetables.

The Timber Arch Trellis

Okay, now we’re getting a little bit fancy. A timber arch trellis is a perfectly supportive statement piece. Suitable for trees or vines, a timber trellis can handle a decent amount of weight, while also adding bold aesthetic appeal to your garden design.

Suitable for: trees, vines.

The Wire Fence Trellis

Rustic and reusable, a wire fence trellis is a wonderful, low-fuss plant support solution. You’ll often find this trellis type in an avid vegetable grower’s garden because they provide just enough support for fruiting vines, without blocking essential sunlight.

Suitable for: vines, vegetables.


The Wall Trellis

Plants—on the wall. Why not utilise the vertical space in your garden and create a wall-mounted trellis? This trellis type can support a high amount of weight. Unlike some other trellises, wall-mounted trellises can easily support large, cumbersome plants, like the apple tree below.

Suitable for: trees, vines, creepers.

The No-Trellis Trellis

In the wild, many climbing plants live by attaching themselves to the porous bark of towering trees. A tree’s bark provides moisture, some nutrients, and allows a climbing plant direct access to sunlight, which it wouldn’t find on the forest floor.

As a gardener, you can take advantage of this ‘instinct’. Practically any porous (bark-like) structure can support a creeping or vining plant, such as brick, concrete, wood, or stone. Just remember, as a plant attaches itself to a structure, its roots penetrate as deep as possible. This could lead to cracks, chips, and even severe structural damage, if left untamed.

Suitable for: vines, creepers.

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