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The many uses of the ANZAC Day Rosemary

There are many plants that not only symbolise the ANZAC spirit, but are living history, brought back by returning veterans from the battle fields. These plants invoke both visual and sensory reminders of the sacrifices those before us have made. The History of the ANZAC Rosemary In 1915 a wounded digger brought back with him a small rosemary bush from […]

Season Guide to Watering Your Garden

Are your plants feeling parched and wilted during the scorching summer days? Just like you, your plants experience thirst and require hydration to grow effectively and ward off pests and diseases. But how much water should you give your garden? It’s a tricky question that is influenced by various environmental factors, such as weather, time of year, […]

How to Create a Productive Home Office

Are you joining the work-from-home revolution? More and more people are choosing to ditch the commute and set up shop in the spare room. But how do you create a productive home office from scratch? Keep reading to find out. Choose Your Hues While your home office space is empty, now is the best time […]

Common Garden Plants That Are Toxic to Pets

We love our pets and our plants, but some common garden greenery could cause a whole heap of harm to your beloved furry friend. So, here are a few plants to remove to keep your pets safe and sound. Philodendron There are many species of philodendron commonly found in Australian backyards. But perhaps the most common […]

How to Protect Your Plants from Frost Damage

Are you struggling to keep your cool when it comes to winter frosts? Sudden frosts are a nightmare for any gardener, causing blackened foliage, wilting leaves, and in some cases… plant death! Luckily, there are a few quick things you can do to protect your precious plants from the icy weather. How Does Frost Damage Plants? Frosts occur […]

Trellis Types for Climbing Plants

No garden is complete without a terrific trellis (or two!). So, here’s some trellis inspo to take your garden from vacant to vertical. What is a Trellis? A trellis is a structure—often made of timber, wire, or bamboo, specifically positioned to support climbing plants. Different types of plants require different types of trellises. Some plants climb using […]

Plants: Annual, Perennial, and Biennial… What’s the Difference?

You’re picking out the perfect plant for your garden at your local nursery. You flip over a tag attached to a potted plant, and you see the word PERENNIAL. Huh? What’s a perennial? You flip over a tag on another plant, and this time it says ANNUAL. Okay, now you’re really confused… what’s the difference? Put simply, the terms annual and perennial refer to […]

Tips for Using Plants in Interior Design

Plants have been a popular choice for the interior design-savvy for decades, and the craze certainly isn’t slowing down. These days, it’s almost uncommon to see a well-designed space without a range of indoor plants to match. So, to keep your house on-trend, here are a few tips for using plants in your interior design. Consider Your Goal […]

How to Hand Pollinate Cucumber Plants

So, your trellis is covered in cucumber vines with big, beautiful leaves, and striking yellow flowers but no cucumbers… huh? Despite the popular saying, nature doesn’t always find a way… so if your cucumber flowers are going unpollinated, it might be time to give nature a helping hand. How Pollination Works in Cucumbers Cucumber plants are self-pollinating… so […]

Gardening Tip: How to Stop Tomatoes Splitting

Avid gardeners often love to grow their own veggies, and why wouldn’t they? Nothing tastes quite as good tomato on toast (with salt and pepper, of course!) fresh from your garden. But have you ever kept your tomato plants healthy, pest-free and thriving up until fruiting time, to then be left with cracked, dried-out fruit? Here’s […]

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