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Tips for Using Plants in Interior Design

Plants have been a popular choice for the interior design-savvy for decades, and the craze certainly isn’t slowing down. These days, it’s almost uncommon to see a well-designed space without a range of indoor plants to match. So, to keep your house on-trend, here are a few tips for using plants in your interior design.

Consider Your Goal

This might seem obvious, but to create a cohesive design, you should first decide what your actual goal is. Do you want to create a serene, tropical getaway vibe? Or are you more into ‘desert-chic’? The type, size, and look of the plant you choose will differ based on your goal. For example, monstera is a great choice for a more tropical look. And cacti suit a warmer-looking space that features bold patterns.

Choose the Right Greenery

You’ve decided on your look, now it’s time to pick a few plants. There are a few things to consider here. First, are you willing to put in the work to keep a high-maintenance plant alive? If the answer is no, go for something low maintenance like a Zanzibar gem or monstera.

Second, consider how large your plant will grow. If your space is open and minimalistic, a tall plant could be a great choice. Don’t be afraid to use your empty wall space and create a dynamic design with a large fern or a towering Dracaena. But if your space is smaller, don’t get greenery that will grow to an astronomical size.

Lastly, do you want your plants to be the hero of your room, or to provide lively accents? A large or impactful plant can work well as a ‘hero’ to draw focus as you enter the room. Whereas smaller vinescacti, and sansevieria can add a pop of green and easily accent an already strong design.

Position Wisely

Plants are living beings that need water, light, and the right conditions to thrive. So, even though your new parlor palm might look fantastic in the dark corner of your lounge room, it might not be the right place. Try and do a bit of research when buying a plant to suit a certain space, and position it wisely.

Also, it’s worth considering how easy (or difficult) the maintenance will be. If you hang a pothos from your ceiling, you’ll need to grab a ladder and climb a few rungs when it comes time to water. You’re probably bringing plants into your home to enhance the way it looks, and a dying, unhappy plant will do the opposite. So, try and make it easy on yourself.

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4. Increases Value

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5. Instant Gratification (Almost)

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