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It’s Autumn; Why are There so Many Weeds in My Garden?!

We all know that spring and summer bring about heaps of garden growth. But the growing seasons are over… so why are weeds taking over my garden now, during the colder weather? Well, there’s a pretty logical explanation. What are Weeds? Unless you live in a really arid climate, you’ve probably come across a weed or two […]

Autumn Lawn Care Tips

In Australia, summer is over, so it’s time to start preparing your lawn for the colder months of the year. Remember, the better you prepare your lawn during autumn, the healthier it will be throughout winter and into spring. With that said, here are some of our expert autumn lawn care tips, for a happy, healthy lawn. Weed As […]

Want To Grow Your Gardening Business? Here’s How

Gardening is an ever-increasing industry in Australia, with continued growth expected in the next five years. Whether you run an established gardening business, or you’re just starting out, Local Expert can help you streamline your business to make the most of your time and money. So, now is a better time than ever to grow and […]

Gardening Tips for Complete Beginners

You’re interested in gardening—what now? Gardening is a rewarding hobby that’s great for the mind, body, and soul. But before you get started, there are a few essentials to cover. So, here are a few basic tips for the budding gardener, to get you ready and planting. Soil First up, you’ll need good quality soil packed […]

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