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It’s Autumn; Why are There so Many Weeds in My Garden?!

We all know that spring and summer bring about heaps of garden growth. But the growing seasons are over… so why are weeds taking over my garden now, during the colder weather? Well, there’s a pretty logical explanation.

What are Weeds?

Unless you live in a really arid climate, you’ve probably come across a weed or two in your time. Funnily enough, a weed isn’t a specific species of plant; it’s (by definition) a plant that’s growing somewhere where it’s not wanted. For the most part, the plants we don’t want hanging around, grow prolifically, taking beneficial nutrients from our purposefully introduced plants. They might spread quickly, be resistant to human intervention, and even survive fire!

Have you ever mulched a garden bed, only for it to be full of green, leafy foliage a few weeks later? Weeds. Is your once-lush lawn now full of pointy leaves and tall, yellow flowers? Yep, weeds again. Basically, if you don’t want it, and struggle to control it, there’s a chance it’s a weed!

Why Weeds Love Autumn

In autumn, we often see our plants die back or slow their growth thanks to the cooler weather. Weeds on the other hand, are resistant to almost everything—humans and cold weather alike. As such, they continue to grow through the cooler weather, and even grow faster now that they have less competition. So, this is why you’ll likely see a heap of unwanted greenery popping up this time of year.

How to Combat Autumn Weeds

Now the real question is, what can you do to combat autumn weeds? First up, if you’re treating weeds in your lawn, work out which type of grass you have. Once you’ve done that, you can safely purchase herbicide that will kill your weeds, but not your lawn. With the help of an expert, choose both a pre-emergent, and a post-emergent herbicide. Because autumn is an ‘in-between’ season, your winter weeds may not have emerged yet, but will be preparing to overrun your lawn in no time. By purchasing both types of herbicide, you can combat the weeds you see, as well as the ones you don’t. Remember, always consult a professional before using a herbicide, and apply it according to instructions.

If you only have a few ‘leafy’ weeds popping up, try this at-home remedy. Combine a small amount of dish soap with some white vinegar in a spray bottle, and apply to the weeds in question. This works particularly well with dandelions and doesn’t require a trip to the hardware store.

Is your garden overrun with autumn weeds? Let us help! Here at Local Expert, we’re weed-killing professionals, and can even handle your lawnmowing, landscaping, and pest problems, too!

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