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Gardening Tips for Complete Beginners

You’re interested in gardening—what now?

Gardening is a rewarding hobby that’s great for the mind, body, and soul. But before you get started, there are a few essentials to cover. So, here are a few basic tips for the budding gardener, to get you ready and planting.


First up, you’ll need good quality soil packed with nutrients, with proper drainage, and with the correct pH. The soil in your backyard might be okay, but that’s unlikely. Our Local Experts recommend starting with container gardening (gardening in pots) if you’re a complete novice. This way, you can purchase some potting mix from your local hardware store, and get the hang of caring for your plants before worrying about all the finicky stuff.


It’s no secret that (most) plants need water. Without water, plants can’t take in nutrients, and can’t turn sunlight into energy. To keep your plants alive, you’ll need to keep an eye on the hydration level of your soil. On hot summer days, water more often, as moisture will evaporate from the soil quickly. In colder, rainy weather, water less. Never let your plants get bone dry, or stay sopping wet though. Otherwise, you’ll end up with rotting roots and wilted foliage.


Here’s a big one. You’ll find that most plants have a certain preference as far as sunlight goes. Some like direct sunlight all day, others like part-shade, and some like full-shade. How do you know? Usually, the tag that came along with your plant will tell you. But as a rule of thumb, any plant with soft foliage shouldn’t be in harsh, direct sunlight for more than a few hours. And for most plants, a few hours of direct, mid-day sun will be enough.

Things to Consider

The first thing to consider as a beginner gardener, is that plants are alive. Shocking, I know. But the thing is, a lot of novice gardeners don’t consider that plants are living beings with their own needs. So, do some research, and make sure to give your plants what they (specifically) need to survive. Also, you might not want to hear this… but you will kill some plants. Probably quite a few. This is normal, so don’t worry too much when it happens.

Finally, your plants will definitely get pests, and these pests will likely cause some damage. It’s okay—you’re not a bad plant parent. Just take a deep breath, do some research, and deal with it, one step at a time.

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