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Autumn Lawn Care Tips

In Australia, summer is over, so it’s time to start preparing your lawn for the colder months of the year. Remember, the better you prepare your lawn during autumn, the healthier it will be throughout winter and into spring. With that said, here are some of our expert autumn lawn care tips, for a happy, healthy lawn.


As the temperature cools, your lawn will slow its growth. This, coupled with heavy and consistent rain, makes the perfect breeding ground for weeds. So, expect to see more weeds than usual popping up throughout your lawn. For small areas, remove weeds by hand, as long as they haven’t become too prolific. For larger areas, or if you’re time-poor, apply an appropriate herbicide. Make sure it’s specifically for grass through, or else you’ll end up with dead patches!


Your lawn will still need semi-regular mowing in autumn, but you’ll likely find that foliage growth has slowed dramatically. For this reason, it’s important to assess your mower height. Raising the height of your mower will leave longer blades of grass, giving your lawn the best chance of soaking up as much autumn sun as possible. Plus, with your mower raised, you’ll have less chance of scalping your lawn. A scalped lawn has been cut back too aggressively, and appears brown and patchy. If you scalp your grass in autumn, you’ll likely have a patchy, brown lawn until spring, so don’t risk it!


It may seem counterintuitive to feed your lawn when growth is slowing—but hear us out. Applying an appropriate autumn fertiliser can help your lawn grow strong, healthy roots in preparation for winter. Without a good base, your lawn may suffer from frost and cold damage over the winter months. So, a quick boost at the start of autumn is one of the best ways to help your lawn in tip-top shape. However, make sure to use a fertiliser suited to your type of grass, with nutrients suited for autumn growth levels.


Regular raking is very important throughout autumn, for a couple of reasons. First, as we all know, deciduous trees drop their leaves throughout autumn, preparing for the cooler weather ahead. More often than not, these leaves end up on your lawn, blocking sunlight and airflow. If left undisturbed, these decomposing leaves can cause dead patches to appear in your lawn, so rake them up regularly to keep your lawn happy and healthy. Second, raking removes any dead grass and moss lingering in your lawn (also known as thatch). With thatch removed, your grass will receive more sunlight and better drainage, improving the overall health of your lawn.
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