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Sun-loving Plants for a Striking Landscape Design Part Two: Flowers

We’re back with more impactful plants for the temperate and sub-tropical Australian sun. And this time, it’s all about fascinating flowers. If you haven’t read part one of Sun-loving Plants for a Striking Landscape Designclick here!

Canna Lily

The humble canna lily is often overlooked when it comes to garden design, and it’s hard to see why. Available in a huge range of varieties, their foliage varies from a bright green to deep burgundy, and can feature stripes, ombré, or solid colour. Their flowers too vary, usually presenting in warm, bold hues. Canna lilies are suitable for garden beds, pots, and around ponds, and can grow over a metre tall. Plant these in the garden with caution, though, as they quickly multiply.


Unwanted to some and precious to others, agapanthus is certainly controversial in Australia. Very hardy, drought-resistant and even fire-resistant, agapanthus is the dry climate gardener’s dream. Their bright green bushy foliage and towering flower spikes make for an impactful garden border. Or plant them in pots around a patio to see their purple, pink, or white flowers shine.

Note: agapanthus is considered a weed in Victoria and some other states. Consider your local area before planting.


If you’re looking for an eye-catching, full-sun floral option, petunias might be up your alley. They’re available in a huge range of colours, shapes and sizes. And whether you want spots, stripes, or solids—petunias can do it all. They flower prolifically and have the power to keep your garden bed popping all season long.

Did you know that petunias are actually a perennial? Often, petunias will die off over winter, leading some gardeners to believe they’re annuals. But in warmer climates, they can flower all winter long. If you live in a colder area, keep your petunias warm in a greenhouse, or indoors to keep them fresh and ready.

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