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Sun-loving Plants for a Striking Landscape Design Part One: Foliage

Are you in need of some fantastic foliage, but your garden is lacking shade? Look no further! Here are our top impactful plants, suitable for the temperate and sub-tropical sun.


Yuccas are great for a low maintenance backyard. These spiky sensations need minimal water, and thrive in full sun and well-draining soil. In temperate climates, watch out for frost while your yuccas are getting established. As they grow older, their waxy leaves will protect them (mostly) from icy weather, but younger specimens may be more vulnerable. To keep your yuccas looking great, trim off the old leaves as they go brown, but make sure to wear gloves (they’re sharp!).

Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia)

The infamous bird of paradise is a garden staple in many parts of Australia. The reginae variety (pictured) features oar-like leaves and stays smaller in stature. Whereas the nicolai variety—otherwise known as the giant bird of paradise—features fan-like leaves and can grow several metres tall. Both varieties produce striking flowers in full sun and make a great visual impact with their foliage.

Pigface (Carpobrotus)

An extremely hardy and low maintenance ground cover plant, pigface isn’t anywhere nearly as ugly as it sounds. This succulent is both visually striking and… succulent! The foliage of a pigface plant is edible and works particularly well in a stir-fry. Better yet, in a full-sun position, pigface will produce vibrant flowers. These flowers are most commonly pink or orange, and easily add interest to any garden design.

Lilly Pilly

Lilly pillies have quickly become a popular choice for gardeners all over Australia. Hardy, fast-growing and eye-catching, these shrubs certainly pack a punch. Great for hedging and privacy, lilly pillies grow dense and tall. The new growth of some varieties often appears bright red, before ultimately hardening off to green.
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