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What trade repairs gutters?

Gutters play a vital role in protecting your home from water damage. They help to direct rainwater away from your roof and foundation, preventing water from seeping into your home and causing costly damage. However, gutters can become damaged over time, and it’s important to know which trades can repair them. Below we will outline the different trades that can repair gutters.

Gutter Repair Specialist

A gutter repair specialist is a tradesperson who specializes in repairing and maintaining gutters. They have the knowledge and experience to identify and fix common gutter problems, such as leaks, clogs, and damage. They can also perform routine maintenance tasks, such as cleaning gutters and downspouts and ensuring that the gutter system is functioning properly.

Roofing Service

A roofing professional is another tradesperson who can repair gutters. Since gutters are an integral part of the roofing system, a roofing service may be the best choice if your gutters need repairs. They can assess the condition of your gutters and determine whether they need to be repaired or replaced. A roofing professional can also ensure that your gutters are properly integrated into your roofing system, which is essential for preventing water damage.


A handyman is a generalist tradesperson who can handle a variety of home repair tasks, including gutter repairs. While a handyman may not have the specialized knowledge of a gutter repair specialist or roofing service, they can often handle minor repairs, such as fixing a leak or replacing a damaged section of gutter. However, if your gutters require extensive repairs, it’s best to hire a specialist.

Siding Specialist

If your gutters are damaged due to issues with your siding, a siding specialist may be able to repair them. Siding services are experts in installing and repairing siding, which is an essential component of your home’s exterior. If your gutters are attached to your siding, a siding professional can ensure that they are properly installed and functioning as intended.

Choosing the right one

Now that you know there are several options for trades that work on gutters, it is essential to select someone with the right expertise and experience to get the job done correctly when choosing a service to repair your gutters.

When you hire through Local Expert you can be assured that we have already asked for references, checked reviews, and made sure that the tradesperson is licensed and insured. When you log a free quote request with Local Expert, we assess the request personally and assign it to the best trade fit. With the right professional, you can ensure that your gutters are functioning properly and protecting your home for years to come.

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