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The many uses of the ANZAC Day Rosemary

There are many plants that not only symbolise the ANZAC spirit, but are living history, brought back by returning veterans from the battle fields. These plants invoke both visual and sensory reminders of the sacrifices those before us have made. The History of the ANZAC Rosemary In 1915 a wounded digger brought back with him a small rosemary bush from […]

Trellis Types for Climbing Plants

No garden is complete without a terrific trellis (or two!). So, here’s some trellis inspo to take your garden from vacant to vertical. What is a Trellis? A trellis is a structure—often made of timber, wire, or bamboo, specifically positioned to support climbing plants. Different types of plants require different types of trellises. Some plants climb using […]

Gardening Tip: How to Stop Tomatoes Splitting

Avid gardeners often love to grow their own veggies, and why wouldn’t they? Nothing tastes quite as good tomato on toast (with salt and pepper, of course!) fresh from your garden. But have you ever kept your tomato plants healthy, pest-free and thriving up until fruiting time, to then be left with cracked, dried-out fruit? Here’s […]

How To Grow Your Tree Removal Business

The tree industry is on the rise, with strong growth predicted in the next few years. There’s a high demand for tree loppers, stump removalists and pruning services in Australia. But with high demand comes more competition. Does your tree business have what it takes to rise above the other businesses in your area? When you join Local […]

Want To Grow Your Gardening Business? Here’s How

Gardening is an ever-increasing industry in Australia, with continued growth expected in the next five years. Whether you run an established gardening business, or you’re just starting out, Local Expert can help you streamline your business to make the most of your time and money. So, now is a better time than ever to grow and […]

Gardening Tips for Complete Beginners

You’re interested in gardening—what now? Gardening is a rewarding hobby that’s great for the mind, body, and soul. But before you get started, there are a few essentials to cover. So, here are a few basic tips for the budding gardener, to get you ready and planting. Soil First up, you’ll need good quality soil packed […]

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