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Why Your House is so Cold and 4 Ways to Warm it Up

There’s a lot to love about autumn and winter—woolly socks, warm blankets, and hot cups of tea. But for some, the chilly season is more about shivering, shuddering, and cranking up the thermostat.

If you’re dreading the cooler months, here are a few reasons your house may be giving you the cold shoulder, and how to fix it ASAP.

A Window into Temperature Control

Windows have an enormous impact on the temperature of a home. If they’re too big, outside temperatures radiate through them. If they’re too small, warm sunlight can’t penetrate your house to give your heater a helping hand. So, if you’re having trouble getting your house up to temperature, it may be worth considering the size of your windows. But if you’re not up for a total window reno, at least assess your window coverings. Thin lace netting or cheap blinds won’t do the trick—invest in some thick curtains, or even thermal blinds for the best results.

Bridge the Gap

If you live in an older home, chances are you have a few unwanted gaps around the place. Gaps and cracks often appear between window and door surrounds, and around built-in appliances like air conditioning units. Take some time to check around your house, holding your hand against any area where a gap is suspected to feel for cold air. If you find a small gap, seal it with caulk. But for larger or more complex jobs, you’ll likely need the help of a local tradie.

Keep the Outside Out, and the Inside In

Heat rises—so naturally, a properly insulated roof will keep your home warmer for longer. And conversely, a poorly-insulated roof will have the opposite effect. Over time, insulation may break down, become displaced, and lose its effectiveness. It’s also possible that your home was under-insulated to start with. So, if you’re having constant problems with the temperature in your home, your insulation may be to blame. Touch the plaster on the inside of one of your outer walls, is it cold and damp? If the answer is yes, your insulation may not be doing its job, and it’s time to call in a professional.

Address It at the Source

So, you’ve tried covering your windows, filling your gaps, and assessing your insulation, but your house is still too cold… what now? It could be that your heater itself is the problem. If you have ducted heating, the ducts may be damaged, causing the warm air to leak out underneath your house. Or it could be that your air filter may need replacing. After all, even the most insulated home won’t stay warm without an effective and efficient heat source.

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