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Why Winter is the Best Time to Renovate

It’s winter, and I’m sure the last thing on your mind is a home renoThe new deck can wait until summer… and the cold, dark bathroom isn’t urgent, you think to yourself. But winter is actually a fantastic time to get that long-awaited reno sorted—here’s why.

Winter Creature Comforts

There’s no doubt about it, winter in Australia can be… uncomfortable (especially if you’re down south). So, by choosing to start your renovation in winter, you can make your comfort a priority. Switch out those old light fixtures and keep your house bright for those long winter nights. Change your cracked, low-coverage shower head for a wider one—you’ll be enjoying those warm showers! Or give your interior a fresh coat of mood-improving paint. In fact, with the low humidity and circulating warm air (thanks to our heaters), winter can mean faster drying times and a more even paint finish!

Better Trade Availability

You might be going against the grain with your winter reno, but that can be a good thing. In the warmer seasons, most homeowners are feeling motivated and ready to reno. But in winter, motivation tends to taper off. So, by opting to organise your reno in winter, you’ll face less competition when it comes to trades, and less time waiting for availability. In fact, you might even score a discount on labour and supplies simply because it’s winter—cool!

Prepare to Get Festive

Out of sight, out of mind—there’s a reason the saying is so popular. That deck you’ve been planning to build for the past three years? I bet it won’t come to mind until the weather warms up and you venture out into your once-frozen backyard. But by then it’s too late! You’ll be ‘enjoying’ a half-built deck come summer, and hosting Christmas lunch inside, as per usual.

BUT, if you start your reno now (when you wouldn’t be using your deck anyway), you’ll have a brand-new outdoor entertainment area ready when the weather turns warm. Your family and friends will thank you.

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