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Our Local Experts’ Tips for Having a Clean Home

We asked our Local Expert cleaners for their tips on keeping a clean home, and they delivered. From habits to storage hacks—here are a few ways to keep your house cleaner than ever, straight from the mind of our experts.

Clean As You Go

You’ve probably heard it before, but there’s a reason this advice is so popular. Busy people tend to struggle the most with cleaning, so it’s easy to think ‘I’m too busy to be constantly cleaning’. But cleaning as you go is actually very beneficial for busy people. Think about it—you leave the bulk of your cleaning un-done during the workweek, then what are you left with? A mound of mess that will take hours to get under control. If you clean as you go, you’ll not only save time, but you’ll likely feel less overwhelmed during the week too!

This advice also applies to bigger jobs, like laundry. If you start your laundry on a Saturday, try and finish it the same day (crazy, I know). That way, you won’t have a huge pile of clothes to fold and hang next weekend. Plus, you won’t be rummaging through the wash basket during the week.

Get Smart with Storage

What’s the best way to keep the clutter at bay? Well, our Local Experts recommend getting a little creative with storage. For example, if you have a lot of shoes constantly piled up inside the door, invest in a hanging shoe caddy. Or get a bench seat with in-built storage for shoes. If your kitchen bench is constantly cluttered, either designate a drawer for loose items that need to stay within reach, or grab a mess-disguising basket to house things in. Basically, if there’s a place for everything (even the things that have no place), clutter won’t take over.

Convenience is King

The easier and more convenient it is, the more likely you are to keep things clean. And one of our Local Experts has a tried and tested cleaning hack to share: cleaning the bathroom mirror is probably the most common way people use glass cleaner. So rather than keeping it under the kitchen sink, why not keep some paper towel and glass cleaner under the bathroom sink instead? Or try hanging a scrubbing brush in your shower. This way, while you’re waiting for your conditioning treatment to sink in, you can get a bit of cleaning out of the way, too.

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