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Lazy Cleaning Hacks That Actually Work

You’re not lazy; you’re just efficient! Here are some cleaning hacks (that really work) for the unmotivated cleaner.

Go Undercover

Is your gas stove constantly covered in old food, grease, and gunk? Get it covered. You can purchase reusable stove (and oven!) liners from most homeware stores—simply spill and splatter while you’re cooking (as you usually would), then remove the liners, chuck them in the dishwasher, and replace them when they’re clean—how easy is that?! But wait, there’s more… you can also get reusable fridge shelf liners too! So, you can forget scrubbing your Saturday away every time there’s a spill.

Rub it Out

If you have a pet—or long, fine hair, this hack is for you. You know how your carpet, couch, and rugs are constantly caked in hair, even right after you’ve vacuumed? Pop on a pair of rubber gloves and rub them on the surface in question. You’ll find that the hair will ball up and stick to the gloves, making for easy removal. For flat, hard surfaces, (like carpeted stairs and rugs) try a squeegee. The rubber edge of the squeegee will have the same effect. No more vacuuming the same spot over and over again!

Clean While You Get Clean

Keeping the shower clean is such a pain in the loofah. It seems like every time you shower, you end up with soap, hard water stains, and hair all over the place. Well, next time you’re waiting for your conditioning treatment to develop, try this out. First, pop some cleaning supplies in your shower. A spray bottle and a dish-scrubbing brush hung over the top of the screen works a treat. Now instead of singing the entire soundtrack of Les Misérables while you wait, you can give your shower a good scrub and cut down on the cleaning time later. If you want to really go the extra mile, keep a squeegee in your shower too, and run it over the glass when you’re done.

Walk the Walk

Want to keep your floors clean with very minimal effort? Buy some microfibre slippers. Yes—that’s right, you can get slippers that clean while you lounge. In fact, you can even get microfibre slippers with removal, machine-washable liners. Simply rip off the bottoms, throw them in the washing machine, and keep on walking. So basically, your house stays clean, your feet stay warm, and you’ve got more time to do a whole heap of nothing!

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