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Kitchen Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

There’s nothing more satisfying than a clean kitchen. But you know what’s not satisfying? Damaged cookware, bacteria-ridden chopping boards, and dishes that just won’t clean. So, here are a few kitchen cleaning mistakes you should avoid, to protect you, your family, and your kitchen.

Dishwasher Disaster

So, you’ve just finished cooking up a storm, you’re tired, full of yummy food, and staring at an almighty mess in your kitchen. It’s tempting to load everything in the dishwasher, turn it on, and sink into the couch. But overloading your dishwasher can actually cause a plethora of problems for future you.

An overloaded dishwasher is an ineffective one. When too many dishes are stacked on top of each other, hot soapy water won’t reach every nook and cranny. Sometimes, you’ll finish an entire cycle only for your bowls to still be caked in pasta sauce. Or worse yet, your utensils will look clean, but still be harbouring dangerous bacteria. So, to avoid dirty dishes after the cycle, and damaging your dishwasher by overloading it, handwash a few big items and save yourself some hassle in the future

Chopping Board Challenge

The wooden chopping board—a handy and versatile addition to any kitchen. Relatively heat-proof, stylish and sturdy, there’s a good chance your wooden chopping board is your go-to. But after you cook up a Michelin Star-worthy meal, are you cleaning your chopping board properly? And no, a wipe-down doesn’t count.

Wood is porous, which means bacteria and food particles are easily trapped within the grain. Sure, you could chuck it in the dishwasher (as long as it’s not overloaded, we talked about this!), but the end result will be warped, cracked, mess of a board. Instead, routinely spray heavily diluted household bleach onto the surface of the board, then thoroughly rinse after a few minutes. If you want a more natural alternative, use vinegar spray instead. Either way, don’t trust a damp kitchen sponge to get the job done.

Cast-Iron Catastrophe

If you’re a seasoned home cook, you probably love your cast-iron cookware. But are you sure you’re cleaning it correctly? Cast iron is temperamental and needs careful maintenance to keep its protective coating.

Most cast-iron cookware comes pre-seasoned. Seasoning creates a non-stick coating on your cast iron and protects it from rust. Using soaps, abrasive cleaners or scourers can remove or damage the all-important coating on your pan. So, stick to a soft sponge and some mild detergent. Or, better yet, invest in a brush designed specifically for cast iron. After cleaning, always rub a small amount of oil on your cast iron, to keep it rust-free and cooking for years to come.

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