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Interior Design Tips for Smaller Spaces

In the age of minimalism and open-plan living, smaller spaces tend to get a bad rap. But less space doesn’t have to mean a compromise on aesthetics, functionality, or comfort.

Follow these handy design tips to take your small space from cramped to captivating.

Coordinate Your Colour

The first step to making the most of your small space is choosing a complementary colour scheme. As a basic rule of thumb, lighter colours will make a space seem bigger. So, go for a classic off-white or eggshell wall colour to open things up. But avoid glossy finishes, as these can have the opposite effect.

With an appropriate base colour down, add in some accents. Curtains, furniture and accessories can all provide an extra pop of colour or dimension. Steer away from clashing, patterned, and bold colours, though, as these can lead to a smaller, fuller-feeling space.

The Bigger, the Better

It’s natural to gravitate towards smaller furniture items for a smaller space… it’s almost a no-brainer. But in reality, choosing bigger furniture can actually make a room appear larger. Opt for a few large statement pieces—like a couch with a chaise, or a bed with an eye-catching bedhead, and design around them. Your room will feel grand, spacious and well-thought-out, without feeling cramped or restricted.

Get Smart

If you really want to make the most of your space, try some space-saving, functional furniture. Nesting tables (pictured), hidden storage, or multi-function pieces can be a great design choice for those with limited space. For example, nesting tables can be spread apart while entertaining, then slotted together for everyday use, leading to a minimalist design that doesn’t compromise on utility.

Decorate Decisively

Clutter is the small homeowners worst nightmare. Clutter distracts the eye and can lead to an overstated and ‘busy’ look. Try to keep it simple when decorating a small space to avoid unknowingly creating clutter. The pieces you choose to include in your design should have a purpose, too. Include mirrors to open up the room and utilise the available light. While tall items like lamps and plants can also help extend your space by drawing the eye upward.

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