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How to Protect Your Deck During Winter

Don’t neglect your deck this winter. Here’s how to properly protect your deck during the cooler months.

Keep Your Deck Free of Debris

Debris is the enemy when it comes to the longevity of your deck—and I’m not just talking about sticks and leaves. During winter, you’ll want to keep your deck free of pots, planters, and outdoor furniture, if possible. Why? Because any object left on your deck could cause rain-induced staining.

Back to sticks and leaves—you’ll want to remove those too. Have you ever left a bunch of leaves decomposing on your concrete driveway, only to find they’ve left a stain? The same thing will happen to your deck if you let the debris stay.

Get Rid of the Mould

Mould loves to grow on damp wood. So logically, your deck is a prime target during the rainy months. If you find mould and mildew on your deck, it’s best to remove it promptly to stop it from spreading. You may need to clean your deck several times to get rid of the infestation. But believe me—it’s worth it. The last thing you want is a stained, mouldy deck in summer!

Seal it Up

Sealing your deck is incredibly important, especially when you’re due for a bout of rain. If your deck is left unsealed, it will suck up rainwater like a big wooden sponge, which could lead to cracking, splintering, warping, and rot. Have you previously sealed your deck, and you’re wondering if the seal is still good? Spray your deck with the hose. If the water beads and stays on top of your deck, your seal is still intact. If the water seeps in, a new coat of sealant is needed.

Keep it Covered

Even if you’ve given your deck a good seal, you should still consider covering it with a tarp over winter. A tarp will protect your deck from all kinds of debris, as well as harsh, wet, and icy weather. However, if you’re planning to continue using your deck all throughout winter, it’s okay to go tarp-less.

Note: if you’re opting to cover your deck, make sure no water can get underneath your tarp and pool, as this can cause further problems down the track.

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