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How to Create a Winter-Ready Outdoor Space

There’s nothing more quintessentially Australian than a BBQ on a Sunday arvo, with the whole family, on a brand-new timber deck. But the benefits of building a deck go far beyond a few perfectly cooked lamb chops under the beating Aussie sun.

Get it Covered

Winter-ready outdoor entertaining step one—create some cover. In most parts of Australia, with winter comes a whole heap of rain. And no one wants to chill (literally) outside when it’s raining! So, consider installing a pergola with a transparent roof. This way, you can enjoy the stars year-round, without getting soaked during the wetter seasons. Also, remember to position your pergola thoughtfully. For maximum winter use, you won’t want your guests trekking across the backyard and through the rain to reach your cosy oasis.

Make it Cosy

A stylish and practical outdoor heating solution is a must for outdoor entertaining. And luckily, there are a heap of options. You could try a portable gas patio heater, or permanent overhead heaters for a quick fix. But if you really want to make an impact, opt for a built-in fire pit, or a grandiose outdoor fireplace. Either way, if you keep your guests toasty, they’re likely to stay for longer. Plus, open fire = toasted marshmallows… who can say no to that!

Get Cooking

A great host always feeds their guests. But in winter with the heater cranking, you won’t be keen to venture from the kitchen, through the back door, into the cold, and to your outdoor space. That’s why an outdoor kitchen is a great addition to any winter outdoor entertainment area. For a really personalised space, consider a build-in BBQ, or outdoor kitchen with custom cabinetry. Otherwise, a freestanding BBQ could work nicely, too!.

Light it up!

Winter means more clouds, more rain, and shorter days… AKA less light. For safety reasons, and also for ambience, you’ll want to make sure your entertainment area is well-lit. Depending on your design goals, you could hang some string lights (these are especially great for cloudy, star-less nights). Or choose some solar tiki torches, uplights, downlights, or floodlights! Use lighting with a warmer hue to give your space a warm and cosy feel, for best results.

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