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How to Clean the Inside of Your Fridge Like an Expert

Is your fridge full of furry fruit, stinky spills, and stuck-on stains? No worries! Here’s how to clean the inside of your fridge like an expert.

Step One: Declutter

Okay, so the first thing you want to do is remove the entire contents of your fridge. I’m talking about condiments, meat packets, fruit and veg, the whole shebang. Also, take this opportunity to check for expired and mouldy food, and dispose of it appropriately.

Step Two: Disassemble

Next, disassemble your fridge. Pull out the veggie crisper, remove the shelving, and take out any other removable components. Take care while doing this—plastic fridge shelves can be brittle, especially if your fridge is on the older side.

Step Three: Get Cleaning

Here’s the satisfying part. The way you approach this clean will depend on how dirty your fridge is. If your veggie crisper is coated in decomposing fruit juice (hey, no judgement), it might need a good soak. Likewise, if your shelves are home to any caked-on grime, they may need some underwater time as well. If so, fill your kitchen sink (or bath, for larger shelves), with warm water and dishwashing liquid and submerge the offending component. However, don’t submerge your shelves until they’ve reached room temperature—especially if they’re glass, because you might end up with a big old crack!

While your shelves and crisper are soaking, grab a small bucket and fill it with warm water and—you guessed it, dishwashing liquid. Grab a sponge, (the ones with a scourer on the back are best) and get to work. Wipe out every surface of your fridge, until it’s sparkling clean. Once the grime on your shelves has loosened up a bit, give them the sponge treatment too, then drain the sink.

Now, using either paper towel or a tea towel, thoroughly dry the entire inside of your fridge, and the shelving. If you leave any streaks or drips behind, you might end up with a water stain.

FYI: You’ll want to avoid using chemicals or harsh soaps in your fridge (dishwashing liquid is best). Why? Because the lingering chemical odour can leach into your food when you pop it back into the fridge. Plus, anything that isn’t food-safe should stay away from your fridge in general!

Step Four: Reassemble

Now that your fridge is clean enough to eat out of, pop the shelves and crisper back in, and place the food back where it belongs. And you’re done, voila!

Just remember, it is essential that you minimise the amount of time your food is out of the fridge. Any longer than two hours and you may need to throw it away, so be efficient while you clean.

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