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How Often Should You Clean Your Gutters?

Out of sight, out of mind… it’s easy to forget about cleaning your gutters until a major downpour arrives. But if you’re waiting for a sign from above to tell you to clean your gutters, you could be risking a hefty repair bill.

So, get into the habit of cleaning your gutters at the right time, with the help of an Expert.

How Often Should You Clean Your Gutters?

Like most things in life, there’s no definitive rule on how often you should clean your gutters—sorry. However, our Experts recommend giving your gutters a good clean twice a year at the absolute minimum. Once at the end of spring… and once at the end of autumn.

But really, it’s important to keep an eye on your gutters all year round. Cracks, blockages, and damage can happen at any time. And the last thing you want is a drainage system failure during an unexpected downpour.

Why Cleaning Your Gutters Regularly is So Important

Gutters are designed to catch and redirect rain—that’s a no brainer. But gutters won’t only catch rain, they’ll also catch just about anything! This includes sticks, branches, dust, dirt, and worst of all… leaves.

As leaves decompose, they basically become mud. This ‘mud’ is fantastic for your garden, but not so much your gutters. If left undisturbed, it can cause your gutters to rust, block up, or overflow, which in turn can cause extensive damage to the roof, façade, and foundation of your home. Yikes!

How to Keep Your Gutters Cleaner for Longer

Sick of clogged, overflowing gutters? There are a few solutions.

First, install some gutter guards. With the help of mesh gutter guards, debris won’t be able to enter your gutters to create a clog. However, you’ll still need to clean your gutters semi-regularly to remove any debris collecting on top.

If you own an older home, you might find that your gutters are particularly small. Modern gutters are usually a lot deeper and wider to accommodate heavy rain and debris. So, if your home is lacking in the gutter department, consider an upgrade to reduce the frequency of cleaning.

Finally, your gutters may be clogging with leaves because of overhanging branches. If this is the case, it may be worth chopping them back. But be sure to check if the tree in question is protected before giving it the chop.

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