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How Much Does a Bathroom Renovation Cost?

If you’re planning a bathroom renovation this year, you’re certainly not alone! Coming in closely behind kitchens, bathrooms are the second most renovated room for Australians in 2022. However, alongside kitchens, bathrooms are also one of the most expensive rooms to renovate.

So, to help you avoid any surprises down the track, here’s a basic guide to how much a bathroom renovation costs in Australia.

Bathroom Renovation Cost

The average bathroom renovation costs around $20,000 in Australia. But depending on the amount of work to be done, and the size of your bathroom, your reno could cost anywhere between $5,000 and $30,000. Just keep in mind; there are a lot of variables that can affect price when it comes to any home renovation.

Budget/Small Bathroom Renovation Cost

$5,000-$10,000 (approx. $450 per square metre). This might include some painting, tiling work, updated cabinetry and benchtop, or a few new fixtures.

Standard/Medium Bathroom Renovation Cost

$15,000-$20,000 (approx. $1,200 per square metre). This may include a full set of new fixtures, some tiling work, and a partial redesign using standard materials.

Premium/Large Bathroom Renovation Cost

$20,000-$30,000 (approx. $2,500 per square metre). This may include a full layout redesign, new bathtub, cabinetry, benchtop, basin, and shower screen, tiling, and electrical work, using premium materials.

Note: the above is a guide only.

Before You Get Started

Before jumping into your bathroom reno there are a few things to consider. First—are you happy with your existing layout? The most common bathroom bother among homeowners is an awkward layout, which can make it hard to navigate, clean, and style a space. If you’re not totally satisfied with your layout, consider switching it up.

Next, consider whether your bathroom really needs a full-scale renovation or whether a simple makeover will do. Updating only the wall tiles or countertops can often have a big impact on the look and feel of your bathroom.

Finally, it’s a good idea to put together a budget before you start the bathroom reno. Without a budget, it’s incredibly easy to get caught up in the swing of things and spend twice as much as you expected. Remember to add an extra 10% to your budget to cover any unexpected bathroom renovation costs.

Now, let’s have a look at some factors that can influence the cost of your bathroom renovation.

Size Matters

Size really does matter! The size of your bathroom will heavily affect your bathroom renovation cost. Think about it—more square footage equals more tiles, more cabinetry, and a larger shower screen. It then follows that smaller bathroom renovations may cost less. There’s not a lot you can do to control this aspect of your renovation, but it’s good to have in mind.

Expensive Taste

Fixtures can account for around 40% of the cost of a bathroom renovation. So, opting for a high-end bathtub, or matte black, trendy fixtures can set you back. If you’re keen to save as much moola as possible, pick affordable yet quality fixtures (this is important for longevity!), and only replace fixtures that definitely need replacing. In a similar vein, mosaic or natural stone bathroom tiles look fantastic, but they’ll also cost you a pretty penny—both to buy and to have installed.

Out with the Old

Does your bathroom need a complete renovation? Will you be keeping any of the bathroom fixtures, or do they all need replacing? What about the tiles and cabinetry? The extent of your renovation will—unsurprisingly—have a big impact on your bathroom renovation cost.

Also, if you’re choosing a complete re-work, you may need to pay for rubbish removal and demolition. A change in lighting, power points, and the addition of electrical fixtures (like a heated towel rack, ooh!), will require a fair amount of electrical work. And moving the bathtub, shower, or hand basin will likely require a new round of waterproofing. Basically, a full bathroom renovation—as opposed to a refresh, can add up pretty quickly, so be prepared!

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