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Helpful Hints to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Do you want to do your bit for the environment while saving a bit of cash along the way? Here are some tips to make your Australian home more energy efficient.

Seal and Cover

The first step to an energy efficient home is to address any gaps, holes, or cracks which expose your interior to the outside environment. Gaps allow conditioned air to escape, making it more difficult to keep your home at the desired temperature.

In older homes, gaps are most common around window and door surrounds. Gaps are also common along skirting boards, and around fireplaces and wall air-conditioning units. So, go ahead and seal small gaps and cracks with caulk. For larger gaps and holes, the help of an expert may be needed. Either way, a well-sealed home is well worth the cost.

Reflect and Redirect

Did you know that on average, Aussies spend more on cooling in summer, than on heating in winter? So, it’s safe to say that cooling can greatly affect energy consumption.

When it comes to summer heat, it’s best to prevent your home from rising in temperature rather than trying to lower it afterwards. To help keep your house cool, consider installing heat-reflecting film on all windows that are in direct sunlight. Sun-proof your roof with a reflective coating that keeps heat and UV rays at bay. And consider your exterior paint colour—lighter colours reflect heat, while darker colours absorb the sun’s rays, leading to a hotter home.

Invest and Install

Although window tinting goes a long way, installing window coverings may still be helpful. On scorching hot days, roller blinds or window shades will keep the heat from penetrating your home. In the cooler months, window coverings will help keep warmth in, and keep the cold radiating through your windows, out.

Also, it may seem counter-intuitive, but investing in some ceiling fans alongside your regular cooling might get you more bang for your buck. Ceiling fans can be surprisingly efficient in lowering the perceived temperature of a room. So, on those days where it’s too hot, but not hot enough for your evaporative cooling, a ceiling fan could be the answer.

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