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Do You Own A Fencing Business? Read This!

If you’re a fence builder in Australia, Local Expert can help you expand and streamline your business. We understand the ups and downs of running a fencing business. That’s why we’ve developed a platform for service providers, by service providers. We make customer liaison, lead finding and admin easier, so you can focus on fencing.

More Leads

Most fences last around 15 to 20 years if the work is done right. Although long-lasting, quality work leads to good word of mouth, you might not get repeat work from the same customer. So, how do you find enough leads, while producing high-quality work? Local Expert can help.

When your business becomes a Local Expert business, you’ll gain access to our innovative online platform. The Local Expert platform generates more leads, connecting you with local customers searching for an expert fence builder. With no territory restrictions, and no lead fee. You can accept jobs from any customer in any area, filling your diary, and increasing your cashflow.

Communication Made Easy

As a fencing contractor, you might find yourself liaising with the same customer over the span of days, weeks, or even longer. Handling enquiries, sending quotes and invoices, and organising payment can sometimes take more time than the job itself. And unless you have a team of staff at your beck and call, it can be difficult to stay in touch promptly.

The Local Expert platform doesn’t just generate leads. It also keeps you in contact, enabling you to handle enquiries, quotes, and payments—all from a single platform. The best part? Our all-in-one platform has gone mobile. So, no more leaving quotes and invoices till outside work hours. Get the job done while you’re on the job. And take back your time, without compromising on cashflow.

Become a Local Expert

Local Expert welcomes fencing businesses of all sizes and specialties. Whether you install paling, pool fencing, gates, feature fencing or anything in between. Local Expert has the tools of the trade to help you grow and manage your fencing business.

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