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Benefits Of Becoming A Local Expert

Are you trying to grow your business? It can be difficult to stand above the competition as a service provider. These days, digital presence, visibility, and reputation are more important than ever to win leads and maintain a healthy cashflow. But what if there was a way to grow your business and increase your visibility and reputation, fuss-free? Introducing… Local Expert. Want to learn more? Here are some of the many benefits of becoming a Local Expert business.

Marketing Made Easy

Effective marketing is the backbone of any small business. Because without targeted, high-quality marketing, leads will be difficult to secure. But most people aren’t marketing moguls—and they shouldn’t have to be. If you’re an expert at providing your service, you shouldn’t need a degree in marketing to make that known.

Here at Local Expert, we handle the marketing so our Local Experts can focus on doing what they do best. Local Experts benefit from targeted local area marketing campaigns designed to promote their services. So, when you become a Local Expert, you can keep your mind on the money, and keep it off the marketing.

We’re the Experts

Our marketing is effective, and not just because we’ve got expert marketing teams behind us. It’s the high-quality, expert services we provide that make us one of the best. With countless happy customers who’ve received the best quality services, we don’t just call ourselves experts—we back it up where it counts.

When your business becomes a Local Expert business, you’ll become part of an iconic Australian brand. You’ll benefit from our commitment to quality, and our reputation as one of the leading services providers in Australia. So, by working under the Local Expert brand, your customers will trust your business to provide the expert level of service they deserve.

No Lead Fees – No Joining Fees

Some other platforms promise to connect service providers with local customers. But these platforms also often charge a myriad of fees for their services. Here at Local Expert, we truly want to support our Local Expert service providers in growing their businesses. That’s why we don’t charge joining fees. It’s fast, easy and free to become a Local Expert, with most service providers able to begin work the next day.

However, we also don’t charge lead fees. We think you shouldn’t have to pay for an email address, a phone number or an introduction, only for the job to go to someone else. We offer our service providers more leads, and only charge a fee once the job is done.

Work Where You Want

You probably started your business for the flexibility and independence. As a business owner, you can work with whoever you want, when you want, and travel as much or as little as you’re willing.

Our Local Experts aren’t franchisees—instead, they’re business owners benefiting from our leads, brand and reputation. This means that there are no territory boundaries or restrictions on where Local Expert businesses can provide their services. So, when you become a Local Expert, you can continue to work where you want, when you want.

Big Brand Partnerships

At Local Expert, we’re constantly expanding our partnerships to best support our Local Experts. Right now, Local Experts can benefit from our partnership with Snaffle for Business, as well as our membership with HIA and more. So, if you could use flexible finance for some new tools, or some HIA approved training, why not become a Local Expert business?

Be a Local Expert

Are you ready to become a Local Expert in your area? If you’re committed to providing quality services and want to grow your small business, don’t wait. We’re currently onboarding service providers in your area. Click here to apply today and take the first step to make your business the best it can be.

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