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5 Bathroom Design Trends for 2022

Bathroom design in 2022 is all about minimised stress, maximised style, and paying homage to mother nature.

With that in mind, here are some of our top bathroom design trends for 2022.

1. Gorgeous Greenery

Homeowners are clearly keen on bringing the outside in, and this year, the bathroom will be no exception. We’ll likely see an array of indoor plants calling the bathroom home in 2022, providing a pop of colour and bringing life to an often cold part of the home.

Really, indoor plants and the bathroom are a match made in heaven. Bright light and humidity (common in bathrooms) will keep your plants healthy and looking great. Which, in turn, will keep your bathroom welcoming, serene, and on-trend.

2. Spa Day (Everyday)

Day spas = luxury and relaxation. To minimise stress and inject a feeling of quality and luxury into the home, day spa vibes for the bathroom are certainly trending. But not everyone has the space for a full-size sauna or jacuzzi. That’s okay; warm lighting, wood panelling and refreshing marble-look tiles can give your bathroom a relaxing spa effect.

3. No Barriers

We’ve seen a lot of seamless indoor-outdoor transitions in the past decade or so. Usually, this treatment is reserved for living spaces or kitchens, but in 2022, we’re connecting the bathroom to the backyard. Get ready for floor to ceiling windows, or bi-fold recessed doors that will bring the fresh air, sunshine and a cool breeze to the bathroom.

4. Two is Company

If you share a bathroom, you’ll know the frustration of trying to brush your teeth or use the mirror at the same time as someone else. But in 2022, we’re saying goodbye to cramped and cluttered, and hello to space, convenience and efficient living. So, to reflect our new priorities, twin basins and showerheads will likely continue to grow in popularity.

5. Open-Plan Bathing

‘Wet rooms’ are taking bathroom design by storm. In the past, the constant transition between waterproof and dry areas created a visual and practical nightmare. But in 2022, we’ll see even more open-plan, section-less bathrooms. Most common might be the combined bathtub and shower room, with no screens or surrounds separating each space.

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