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4 Common Cleaning Hacks Debunked

Cleaning hack or cleaning myth? Our Local Expert cleaners have debunked some of the most common cleaning hacks, so you won’t waste your time, money, or brainpower. You’re welcome!

Microwave Your Sponge

Legend has it that microwaving your sponge for 30 seconds kills any lingering bacteria. Kitchen sponges get pretty gross pretty quickly, so it would be great if this hack worked. But sadly, it’s not quite that simple.

Recent studies have shown that a 30-second blast in the microwave only kills about 60% of the bacteria found in a kitchen sponge. To effectively remove all the bacteria, you’d basically have to incinerate your sponge beyond recognition. So, avoid a house fire (and unknowingly making yourself sick)—don’t try this hack.

Clean Your Toilet with Cola

Okay, so this actually kind of works. Cola is acidic, so it somewhat combats hard-to-remove stains on the old porcelain throne. However, it can also leave behind a sticky residue if not properly cleaned. Plus, cola doesn’t kill any bacteria, so your toilet may look clean, but in reality, it will still be teeming with germs. Given that cheap supermarket toilet cleaners work just as well—if not better, and they often kill bacteria, it’s worth leaving cola out of the equation.

Remove Red Wine Stains with White Wine

White wine is said to contain an enzyme that neutralises red wine stains. In practice, it does do a better job than water. However, white wine won’t remove a red wine stain entirely. In fact, you’ll still be left with a reddish-brown shadow of the stain, which won’t budge even with a good wash. So, unless you’re really stuck and only have a bottle of white wine handy (seems likely—not!), just use a commercial stain-remover for a better result.

Bleach is a Great Cleaner

Should bleach be included in your cleaning arsenal? Absolutely. Can it be used by itself in every situation? Nope! Bleach works really well when it comes to disinfecting household areas (such as the toilet—take that, cola!). However, you can’t simply pour some bleach on built-up grime and expect it to do all the work. Why? Because bleach is a disinfectant, not a cleaner. So, for a high-quality clean, get out your scrubbing brush and some cleaning solution, and follow up with bleach, if you like.

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