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Garden Pest Profile: Slugs and Snails

Have you ever accidentally stomped on a snail, or squished a slug? If you love your garden, you’ll be glad you did. These slippery, slimy gastropods are some of the most destructive garden pests around. About Slugs and Snails Snails and slugs are chomping, chewing pests—meaning they feed on your plant’s foliage, leaving nothing but decimation […]

Homemade White Oil Recipe for Plant Pest Control

Even the most tenured gardeners sometimes find aphids on their rose bushes, scale on their citrus, and pests on their perennials. But luckily, it’s easy to get rid of these little sap-suckers with the help of a few household ingredients. Keep reading to learn more about white oil, its uses, and how to easily make your own […]

Garden Pest Profile: Aphids

When you step out into your garden, do you see curled, misshapen leaves? Or do you see yellowing foliage, covered in patches of sticky goo? If the answer is yes, you should look a little closer—you might have an aphid infestation! But never fear, our garden pest profile is here. Keep reading to learn all you […]

Garden Pest Profile: Whiteflies

Closely related to aphids, whiteflies are—you guessed it—small white flies that congregate on plants in the garden. They might seem harmless at first, flying away sporadically as foliage is disturbed by the wind. But in reality, these little white pests are anything but. About Whiteflies Whiteflies love warmer weather, so if you’ve got a lush garden in […]

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